monday mondya monduawne...mundane!!!

the cold can be so debilitating has man survived this long with cold like this... i know i'm a big wimp...aaannyywwwaayyy while up north this past weekend Kristin and i fffrrroooozzze ..speaking of butterflies  ( my old post i mentioned Butterflies Are Free )
i was up north at our sponge/trialer packing up for the season and on the cold Saturday afternoon i found a new butterfly who seemed unable to move well.. probably due to the cold... tried to bring it in.. but it was freaking out to much... so i took him outside and rested it on a little plant... thinking oh well.. nature is a cruel cruel piglett!!! ..... when i cam out the next morning expecting him dead... he moved a little... and when the sun came to rest on him... he took off!!! he survived the frost bitting temperature over night... whooohoo!! i hope its in mexico right now......